Guidelines and Policies


It is the purpose of White River Christian Home Educators to provide homeschooling families opportunities for social and academic enrichment through cooperative activities that will reflect the values and principles of our statement of faith.


A child can participate in classes at WRC if his parent/guardian attends with him and is an active participant and member of WRC.

Since this is a cooperative effort, all parents are expected to volunteer in some capacity. Every parent should be teaching, leading, assisting in classes, or doing other jobs assigned by the board to help keep the co-op running smoothly and the building clean.

Parent participation in quarterly business meetings and planning meetings is extremely vital to the development of our group and is expected.  The quarterly meeting is a time when questions, suggestions, and concerns can be brought before The Board of Directors and the members of the co-op.  Coordinators need input from all parents at planning meetings so the co-op can offer class schedules that are useful and well-rounded. The meetings are a time of great fellowship and renewal, too! 


The building usage fee (which includes rent and paper products) is $15 per child per semester (ages 2 and up).  The WRC organizational fee is $30 per family per semester.  These fees are set according to the yearly budget and announced by the WRC Board.

Teachers may ask for a nominal fee to cover supplies and materials for a particular class.  Parents will be responsible for the cost of any additional books or supplies that may be requested by the teacher.

All fees are to be paid at registration unless specific arrangements have been made with the treasurer prior to registration.


The WRC website,  has general information about the co-op.

The forum,, is for members to communicate announcements and class information, ask questions, and post general homeschooling information.  This is not a forum for frustrations and complaints.  Please address these types of issues to the parties involved.  Any offenses may result in moderation. 


If Anderson Community Schools are cancelled because of weather, WRC will not meet either.  If Anderson Community Schools are on a delay, WRC will begin on time.


Please do not bring sick children to co-op if any of the following conditions apply:

  • A fever of 100 degrees or more in the past 24 hours
  • Conjunctivitis (pink-eye)
  • Any contagious conditions
  • Lice (must be clear of lice for one week)
  • Green nasal discharge


For co-op to run smoothly, parents need to fulfill their weekly responsibilities. Please be on time, especially when you are teaching or helping in a classroom.

A teacher who must miss class should make arrangements for a substitute to teach the class and notify the coordinator for that age group.

A member who must be absent should trade weeks or jobs to make sure that all recess duties and job responsibilities are covered and notify the vice-president of those changes.


Active members are encouraged to teach classes.  (See the WRC By-Laws, Article III. Section C for a definition of “active member.”)  All teachers and co-teachers will be required to sign the “WRC Statement of Faith.”  (See the WRC By-Laws, Article II. Section B-1.)

Teachers of academic classes must be at least 18 years of age and have graduated from high school.  Any non-parent wanting to teach a class needs to have the approval of the board.

Class coordinators for each age group are responsible for planning the schedules. Class ideas should be presented to the coordinator for consideration. Any changes to the class schedule, such as changing the teacher, the room, or the time, should be arranged through the coordinators.

Students should register for classes within their own age group. If a student needs to register for a class in a different age group, the parent should contact the teacher to get permission. If the teacher agrees, the parent should notify the class coordinator. A parent registering a student for a class in a younger age group may do so at her own registration time. A parent registering a student for a class in an older age group will need to wait until the end of registration and then may register if there is room.


All WRC affiliated field trips, presentations, plays, and events must be approved by the WRC Board of Directors.  If you are planning something that will have the WRC name attached to it, you must contact the board before proceeding.  The board will review and approve the event, and then work with the teacher/planner of the particular event if needed, as in the case of a talent show where many acts would need approval.

Teachers at WRC may wish to provide field trip experiences.  If the field trip is part of a WRC class, a permission slip will be required for insurance purposes. However, if you decide to put together a field trip that is not part of WRC, permission slips are not required.  These would be considered personal field trips and not covered by WRC insurance.


WRC should be a place where children learn in a safe, loving environment. Parents should be examples of kindness, gentleness, patience, truthfulness, and humility in the way that we work together and communicate. Disagreements should be handled with respect and love. Children should be kind to one another.

Bullying, either verbally or physically, is not permitted. A parent who notices this type of behavior among the students should communicate with the student and the parents. Parents should correct the behavior. If the behavior is serious or ongoing, the board should be notified so they can address the issue.


During a class or activity, the teacher or leader has the responsibility to maintain discipline in the classroom.  First Offense:  verbal correction.  Second Offense:  Talk to the parent.   Third Offense:  Ask the parent to come in to supervise their child or the child cannot remain in the class that day.  Fourth Offense:  The student may not attend the class for one week and the teacher must report this to the parent and the board.   Fifth Offense:  Remove the student from the class for the rest of the semester and notify the parent and the board.  If the child’s behavior is harmful or threatening to the teacher or other students, or if the child destroys property, go immediately to the Fourth Offense.


As a Christian co-op, we must dress in a manner that honors God and shows respect to others. We ask that all students and parents be modest and conservative in their dress (i.e. proper use of undergarments, no mini-skirts, no short shorts, no clothing that exposes large areas of skin on the stomach and/or back, no clothing that promotes violence or adult themes, etc.).  We are having school, and an atmosphere of academic learning must be present.  Please make sure your whole family is aware of these expectations before deciding to enroll in a class, as these guidelines will be enforced.  We also respectfully ask that you follow these same guidelines during field trips and other co-op activities.

Out of courtesy to our membership, nursing mothers are asked to be discreet while nursing by either covering or removing themselves to a private place such as the nursery.

Students are not permitted to bring weapons of any sort to co-op. Teachers that ask or permit students to bring an item that could be considered a weapon to class for a demonstration must get special permission from the board before the student enters the building with the item. A child who brings a weapon to co-op will meet with the board to determine the consequences, which could include expulsion.

If a situation involves immediate danger to others, authorities will be called.