Building Rules

  • This group is NOT a drop-off co-op.   If you need to leave the building for any reason, you will need to sign out at the WRC Information table and leave your child(ren) in the care of another adult in the building while you are gone.  There MUST be a responsible adult for each child in the building at all times.
  • When we are in the building, we must remember to respect the facility at all times, and make sure that we leave the building very neat and clean at the end of each Monday.  There will be assigned jobs to facilitate this but we request that every member be good stewards of the building by picking up trash, cleaning up after yourselves, etc.
  • Any damage done to the building will be the sole responsibility of the parent(s) of the child or children who caused the damage.
  • We are required at the end of the day to leave each room set up as it was when we arrived.  The last teacher in that room for the day should enlist the help of parents and students to make sure the room is set up according to the instructions.
  • If you have any needs, questions, or concerns about the building, please contact our Building Liaison, Jennifer Culp.  If you are unable to get a hold of her, please contact one of the board members who will relay your information to her.  Please do not contact the custodians or the facility office.
  • Please do not call the facility for any reason in regards to WRC.  We are renters.  If you need to contact someone about WRC, please call one of the Board of Directors.  Their contact information can be found on your contact sheet or here on the website, under “Contact Us”.
  • WRC has placed boundary “Stop Signs” throughout the building.  Since we do not have the use of the entire building on Monday, we must stay in the designated areas that we are renting.  When you see a “Stop” sign, that means you are not allowed to proceed past that point.  Please make sure your children are aware of these signs and their meaning.  Please see the map in your information packet which shows the rooms and areas we are allowed to use.
  • During co-op, children up through 10 years of age must be in a class, or with an adult, unless it is a passing period between classes.
  • Ages 11 and up must be in approved areas at all times throughout the day.
  • There will be absolutely no running around, horseplay, or loud voices in the hallways in respect to the WRC classes that are meeting, and in respect to other groups that may be using the building for meetings, etc.  This is extremely important and will be enforced.
  • For safety reasons, Heelies (shoes with wheels on them) are not to be worn at WRC.
  • Please do not use any of the facility’s art supplies or materials.  Use only those materials that our co-op provides.
  • WRC members will use the  parking lot and entrance on the rear of the building at all times.
  •  The facility has provided televisions in many classrooms.  They require that all technical equipment be used with the utmost care and by adults and older teens only.
  • During a class or activity, the teacher or leader has the responsibility to maintain discipline in the classroom.  This will be done verbally or by separation from the group to another place in the room.  If a child continues to disrupt a class, however, they will be sent to their parent.
  • We are here to work together.  Please focus on cooperation and grace as we all strive to meet the needs of our children through our co-op.  If problems arise within a classroom, please address them to the teacher.  If problems arise outside of the classroom, please speak with the parent(s) involved.  If issues cannot be resolved in this manner, then please contact the Board of Directors.  We are here as a family to serve one another.  Communicating with the parties involved is vital to a healthy relationship.  Gossip and ill-will only tear us down.  We are here to love and care for one another.

If you have any questions, please see a member of the WRC Board of Directors.  Thank you.